How To Give Your Apartment A Smart Tech Upgrade With Only 5 Gadgets

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Smart Tech Apartment For Rent Westminster, COHow To Give Your Apartment A Smart Tech Upgrade With Only 5 Gadgets


If you’ve been following, or even mildly interested in, smart technology, you’ve certainly noticed the recent explosion of affordable new smart gadgets.


With the growth of the Internet Of Things (IOT) and expanding 5G technology, producers of everything from light bulbs to coffee makers are rushing to create smart tech products.


Gone are the days of expensive installations of home systems. Now, many smart devices are standalone and can be plugged into any existing electrical socket. Which means that renters can now upgrade their apartments and condos with smart technology without violating their leasing agreements.


We’re going to show you five ways to upgrade your apartment with smart technology that’s easy to install and lease-friendly.


Smart Displays and Smart Speakers

Smart speakers aren’t just for answering questions and playing your favorite playlist. Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home home assistants are also control hubs for smart devices. 


If you aren’t already asking Alexa and Siri to do things for you, this is where you need to start. You can either go with just a smart speaker or upgrade to a display which relays a variety of information, has video chat capability and can surf the web. Here are some options:



Most devices will have optional phone apps, these home assistants will integrate all your smart devices into one hub and allow you to use voice commands.


Smart Lighting

This is the most popular upgrade. Smart bulbs, lamps and light strips will give you many control options. Set timers, dim and raise the brightness, change the color scheme and even sync it with your TV for added viewing enjoyment.



Tip 1: Setting timers while you’re away is a great way to help safeguard your home against break-ins.


Tip 2: Setting a wake-up timer that slowly raises the brightness in your bedroom is a healthier way to wake up.


Smart Plugs


You can instantly turn any dumb device into a smart one by plugging it into a smart plug. These nifty little gadgets plug right into your existing wall sockets and connect via wi-fi. 


Want your coffee maker to have a cup waiting for you every morning? Sure you could try to program the clock but why bother? Just plug it into a smart plug and set a timer. 


Forget to turn off the iron? Check it remotely with your phone then turn it off. 


Or plug in your lamps and control them with voice commands.


Here are some options:



Smart Security Systems


You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars for an expensive home security system installation and monthly payments. Adding some extra smart home security can be as simple as purchasing a standalone system.


With wi-fi enabled cameras, real-time monitoring, cloud backup, window break monitors and more, you’ll have everything covered.



For more available options, look here.


Smart Door Locks


Losing your keys is a major hassle – unless you have a smart lock. No more fumbling with keys as you carry in an armload of groceries or worrying if you remembered to lock the door. Your cell phone is now your key.


The August smart lock installation attaches to your existing deadbolt on the inside of your door, the outside lock stays the same and you keep the same keys.



If you need more gadget, here’s a few lists for you to peruse.



The smart home of the future is here today. With only five gadgets you can go from getting out of bed to turning off the lights to simply saying, “Alexa, turn off the lights.”


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