What You’re Missing At Your Apartment Complex’s Fitness Center

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Fitness Center Guide Apartments For Rent Westminster, COWhat You’re Missing At Your Apartment Complex’s Fitness Center


If you’re not taking advantage of your apartment complex’s fitness center – you’re missing out.


Maybe you pass by it every day going to and from work. You might not even know where it is.


But if you didn’t pay attention on the walkthrough of the fitness center when you were touring the apartment complex; give it another look. Many complexes have really upped their game and have stocked it with the same quality equipment you’ll find at any gym.


Many will also include yoga and meditation rooms, free weights, saunas and more. Some will even offer classes.


So why spend all that money on a gym membership when you have a fully equipped fitness center minutes from your door?


Ok – the classes. But if you just need a quick workout before or after work or maybe you don’t feel like wading through traffic – run down to the fitness center.


Give your fitness center another look – and to give yourself one less reason not to go to the gym today, here’s a quick how-to on the machines, free weights and equipment waiting for you at the fitness center.


Human Vs. Machine


The exercise machines are great for both cardio and muscle building. You’ve got treadmills, ellipticals, stairmasters, rowing machines and more. Then there’s the weight machines for toning and building muscle.


The machines are a perfect way to get in a great workout day or night, rain or shine. Here’s a couple of primers with some workouts to get you started:



Tip: Don’t forget the pre-programmed routines on these machines. They’re designed by professional trainers after all.


Weight Machines


The weight machines are designed to isolate specific muscle groups to tone and build muscle. These are great for beginners and if you’re working out alone.


See an intro to weight machines here and some workout routines here.


Free Weights


These are what most people envision when they think of the gym. Buff and toned people lifting heavy pieces of metal on the bench and squat racks. Well, there’s a little more to free weights than that.


Remember, when lifting heavy, it’s always recommended that you have a partner to spot you and that you use proper form at all times.


  • Dumbbells – Great for everyone from beginner to advanced. These are hand-held weights that you can use in a wide variety of ways. They tone, build strength and muscle endurance. See an intro to dumbbells here and some great workouts here and here.
  • Olympic Weights – The classic style of weight lifting. If you’re new to weight lifting, start light and with a partner. Here’s an exercise database and some routines.
  • Kettlebells – Originating in Russia, these cannonballs with handles are the perfect way to build functional strength and burn fat. Make sure you study up on proper form before you start these routines. Here’s some videos to help you.




Don’t forget that many fitness centers have yoga rooms. Yoga is great for flexibility and quality of life. Get started today with this yoga routine.


So the next time when you’re just sitting around the house, put on your workout gear and head down to your fitness center.


Everything you need for a stronger, fitter you is just minutes away.


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